Bob Mortimer is a triple amputee who now speaks at churches, schools, jails, and military facilities as a motivational speaker.

When Mortimer was 16, his father passed away of a drug overdose, and his family relocated to Hoquiam, Washington. Mortimer got addicted alcohol and drugs, and his habits got worse over time.

alcohol and drugs

Mortimer and his brother were driving home after a night of drinking when he was 21 years old. The car went off the road and collided with a power pole, knocking down the cables. The two were unhurt, but Mortimer stumbled into some downed electricity lines from the pole they had struck as they walked back up the road in the dark.

The 12,500 volts of electricity coursing through his body was lethal. The surgeons at Harborview Medical Centre in Seattle amputated both his legs from the knees and his left arm from the elbow through a course of six months and 12 procedures.

Mortimer confesses that he would get out of the hospital and go back to the same life that had gotten him there, back to the drinking and partying but he eventually found a powerful friend who helped me realize that his handicap was bigger than his limbs.

Darla Hollis, who would ultimately become his wife, was that strong friend. He claimed that she took him to church, where he discovered a fresh source of hope in Jesus Christ.

faith in Jesus

Bob Mortimer Motivational Ministries was founded by the couple in 1989, and he has been addressing crowds professionally since then. His personal life experiences have given him the wisdom he currently offers. “Our message is you can have hope in Christ, and if you have that and put a little bit of your courage with it you can overcome anything,” he advices.

You can hear more of him here.

So what exactly do we learn from his life?

Limitations only exist in our minds. A person who is disabled may not be incapable. Mortimer says: “This (talking about cap that reads “handy” in bold white letters”) is the only handy cap I’ll ever have and the only handy cap any of you will ever have.”

Truth is our body is only an instrument the actual driving component is our mind. So, always keeping a positive mindset and attitude is the way to succeed in life.

In times of great difficulty and pain, keep in mind that giving up is not an option. Immense satisfaction lies in achieving paramount targets. Unwavering determination and a positive perspective are signs of strong character and leadership. The result that comes from this steadfast attitude is always sweet.

Another thing that we must imbibe from Mortimer’s story is that once you achieve something in life you must not stop there. Keep on inspiring others and spread the wisdom that you gained in the process.


His life also teaches the importance of love and support from your loved ones. Loving family is enough to bring you out of difficult times.

And also that proper planning and execution are the two most vital steps in making any big thing happen.

He beautifully uses humor to cope and preach people his message. It reminds us of Friedrich Nietzsche’s renowned book ‘The Birth of Tragedy,’ in which he writes early on that “most humor has its basis in trauma.” Mortimer reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously and to keep our sense of humor as we strive for success.

We hope that this article sets you forward on the way of success surpassing all obstacles that may impede your way.